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*~*Men Haterz*~*

men dont grow up-they just get older

*~*Men Haterz of America*~*
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Hello. We are women(duh) that do not like men(another duh)!! "Just because they have a dick, doesn't mean they have to be one!!"
Its not that we think all men a jerks...just to us, we've had some bad expiriences with the opposite sex lately!!
This is a place to vent your boy troubles!! Every girl(married/single; rich/poor; young/older) all ahve them!! We all deal with men's shit...and dont know why!!

We're not feminists, we're not lesbian, we're not womens rights...we're simply sick of pushed over by men!!!

DO NOT bring any of you non male drama here!! This is NOT the place for high school immaturity. This is simply 2 gurlz helping other females vent about men(or boys!!)!!

"I wasn't born a bitch...men like you make me this way!!"

This is us!! Tiff's on the left & Kim's on the right!! Aren't we HOTT??

Temporary Application:
3 Reasons why men suck:
How many boyfriends you’ve had:
Have they ever cheated on you?:
(email to: menhaterz@yahoo.com)