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Feb. 25th, 2005 @ 11:04 am grrr...men...grrr
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Ok...so Mike's been really nice to me. Talking to me and being concerned about my health. He's called me on his break from work a few times. And I want to be mad at him...bc he really pissed me off. But I can't. I just can't be mad at him. I do love him. With him everything is(was) different that any guy before. Its not that "oh I <3 so and so". And I was talking to his best friend the other night who has been my rock through everythin with him, bc he's the only one who knows what I'm going through and we vent to each other. The other night I told him Mike called me and hes goes "SWEET" then I told him Mike got all happy and smiled when Rene(Mike's sister) was talking to me and he told her to tell me HI smiled again and went to his room. His best friend said "aww" and I go "you want me and him to get back together, dont you?" He said "YES!!" and I asked why and he said "because you 2 are perfect for each other" then I asked if Mike was happy with his ex gf or me and he "U!!!" lol He's his best friend...I think he knows when Mike is happy. :-/

Love isn't an obligation...just bc you've been with someone for over a year...doens't mean you have to stay with them; espeically if in your heart you want another person. If your dating someone: its one thing to wonder if theres someone out there whos better for you...but if you can put a face to that thought...you're not with the right person. (that was told to Mike when we still worked together by someone who we also worked with who saw the was he talked about me before she ever met me.)

Also yesterday, I went to the place where I used to work(where I met Mike) and the guy we used to work told me AGAIN that we are going to get married and something about the way he looks at me.

Why do men have to be so, so, so damn predictable?? Like all men are the same...and so damn confusing?? He's happy with me...but yet he wont do anything about it. Like he dont want to be happy. :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

Theres my vent for the morning!!! hehe

(PS - Mike is not his real name...I don't want to put his real name)

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Feb. 24th, 2005 @ 12:47 pm My Story
What's in our heads...: going crazy - natalie
Well... to start off, My name is Tiffany. I just turned 18 in January. I am a senior in highschool. I work at Bob Evans and just recently got a job at bubbly tub & tan. Here's my story:

I've had alot on my mind.I finally find what i think is real, except one problem... my dad hates him. My dad doesn't even know him but he hates him with a passion. So, stupid me did not go out with this guy because my dad hated him. Then, i went out with him and spent time alone with him and soon i was head over heels... Well just as I think I really like this guy he does the unimaginable! He bought me a ring for christmas... That's not a bad thing... but now he's gone down to Florida and I miss him like crazy! I can't wait until he comes back! But, in the mean time... I feel horrible having a good time without him here. He is so miserable in Florida and I'm somewhat happy here, but apart of me is missing until he comes back! He is the perfect guy for me... we both have so much in common...our little brothers are best friends... his mom and my mom are best friends and his sister mary is one of my best friends. Well... He came back from Florida the sunday before my birthday and called me when he got home... which was at 1 in the morning!! I didn't care though...It was just so good hearing his voice. Well i didn't see or hear from him until the night of my birthday(Wednesday). He called me while i was out with kim(budprincess0803), josh and chris(my friend and two lil bros). He wanted me to come to his house(actually its mary's house) when I got home(he lives down the street). I went down there and we kissed. It wasn't our first kiss.. but it just meant so much more to me. Well... we talked for like an hour and then I went back home. Well... I only heard from him like two more times later that week and then on the following saturday i spent the night down at Mary's. We hung out with christina(her bf) and josh(her fiance). We took christina home... hung out back at marys and then we went to bed at like 2:30am. Well Paul came home at around 3am and asked me why i was sleeping on the couch? I was like, well i thought about sleeping on the porch, but its kinda chilly out. Well... He grabbed my pillow and blanket and we went up to his room. We laid next to eachother and talked for like forever!! I swear all we did was talk. Now most guys would had tried to do something. I love the fact that he never tries to pressure me into anything. After we talked he went in the next room to sleep. Most guys couldnt respect a girl like that. Well... thats when things sorta went downhill. I never saw or heard from him. I saw him at the bowling alley on our friday night league... but it seemed like he was blowing me off. Friday, Febuary 11th i took a shower and then i was helping my dad put together his new computer when my mom came in and said she had to go to the hospital. She was having alot of pains. My dad just basically turned around and continued on his precious computer. So, i was like do u want me to take her? and he was like yeah whatever. I was so mad!!! I didn't mind taking her...it just mad me mad that he wouldn't and I didnt want to sit in the waiting room by myself. I HATE HOSPITALS WITH A PASSION!!! Well it turns out that my ma has numerous systs on her ovaries and one was the size of a baseball and was ready to burst. If you don't know...the liquid that is in a syst is very poisonous. You can die from it. So I spent friday night from 7pm til 12:30am in the ER and i had to take her back for reexamination saturday. It tuns out she has to go to the gynocologist and onocologist and be checked out for ovarian cancer friday, febuary 25th. i was there from 7am til about 4pm. Friday night we stayed at a hotel.. my ma was so mad at my dad she didn't want to go home. Saturday night we went out to Linda's house. Linda is Paul's mom. Well...i was talking to linda and she was telling me about a conversation that paul had with his grandpa about me. It turns out that he told his grandpa that he really likes this girl... he bought her a ring, but her dad doesn't like him. so his grandpa told him to basically give up on me because chances are that i would pick my dad over a relationship with him!! I am so upset that his grandpa said that because i think that is why he's being so distant. Well the next day it was the Hamtramick Classic Singles(bowling) and my ma, his dad, and his brother-in-law all had to bowl. Paul was up there with his cousin Laura and I took him aside and asked him if we could talk in private when he had the chance. Well, while his brother-in-law was bowling..i was watching his two sons, cameron and devon. I had to run out and get devon's diapers and when i came back, Paul was gone. I didn't tell him I was leaving so Im thinking maybe he thought i just left. So I tried calling him later that night like 3 times...all i kept getting was his voicemail. The next day my cell number got switched so I called him to let him know and he answered the phone. before i said anything he screamed, "STOP F***ING CALLING ME!!!!!" So, I was pissed and hung up on him. When i called him i was at Regal Lanes watching Steve(my bowling dad) bowl on his league. I was pissed so I said goodbye and left. I didn't tell him right then cuz i could feel the tears burning my eyes. As i was left I puched the wall and I think i broke my knuckle...All over a guy!! Well I called my ma and told her what had happened and i told her i was gonna go do something with kim. I picked up Kim and Kelly and we went to Meijers and to National Coney Island on 12 & Main. We hung out and I got back to the hotel at like 1:30 - 2am. The next day I talked to paul's mom and she made a point to me. He didnt know my new number and he got jumped a couple months ago because he turned some kids in. He probably just thought it was someone bugging him. My cell use to be 248-224-3664 and it was switched to 586-214-8283 so it was a different area code and everything. So i decided not to be mad at him for that. I have taken off the ring he gave me and I haven't worn it in a week and a half. The ring was like my heart, and it hurt too bad wearing it. Id see it and think of us. Is there even still and us??? I don't really no what to do. I found this quote and this is what I am holding onto.
*If you ever feel like giving up, think of all the reasons why you've held on for so long* If you have any advice or anything comment on my post or email me be_my_boo7285@yahoo.com or im me @ travieso126(aim)
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Feb. 21st, 2005 @ 09:47 am Kick off
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To kick this community off...I'll post a short journal about why I think men suck. I'll try to keep it short at least!! My whole story has been going on for almost a year!!

I met this guy at work...we both fell for each other. But he had a girlfriend and God only knows why they didnt break up months ago!! But she got REALLY jealous and started saying about me when he & I started hanging outside of work. We did not do anything till they did break up in July. And it all went downhill from there. Shit...looking back...it was the best time of my life being with him...but then he decided to be a typical guy and broke it off with me bc he didn't know what he wanted. 6 months later...he still don't!!! And he's like damn near perfect for me. We never fought and always got along. And his gf, ex gf, whatever she is this week...is still saying shit about me. However, when she couldn't get ahold of him this past weekend, she called me...obviously she knows I can get through to him when no one else can!!! He'll do anything for me...as his sister says "he's wrapped around you're finger!!" my sister in law says "you've got him eating out of your hand" (metaphorically obviously!!)

The who situation has become so fucked up. I've tried to say goodbye to him...but everytime, something brings us back together(and he refuses to say goodbye to me). And he told me if I ever dyed my hair red, he'd hurt me(not literally he just likes my blonde hair). So, I did(mainly bc of the Daytona 500 & I love Dale Jr) but he likes it!! I went over there and when he walked out of room, he just got the hugest smile on his face. Either that or he was just happy to see me again!!!

His sister tells me that she can he still likes(loves) me by the way he talks about me. And gets sad when I dont talk to him. So, I wrote him a letter telling his goodbye for awhile(gave it to him on Valentines), and he calls me the next day. And we've pretty much talked everyday since. I'll keep ya posted!! :p

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Feb. 21st, 2005 @ 08:54 am (no subject)

Welcome!! As stated in the info page...this is a place to vent and rant about men. Myself(Kim) and my friend(Tiff) of over 11 years started this due to recent men troubles!! For any male reading this: we don't really hate men...they just piss us off!!! There are still some men out there that dont piss women off...and they all have boyfriends!!!

If you do not feel comfortable putting you name, your mans name, or anyone elses name, just use fake names. No one will know!!! We understand about privacy!!!

I will soon have up an application to join. All apps must be sent to us at menhaterz@rock.com and we will go over them and prolly let you in!!!

DO NOT BRING ANY NON-MALE DRAMA IN HERE!!! This is only a place to vent about men

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