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Feb. 25th, 2005 @ 01:17 pm Love is when...
love is when you can't sleep because you can't stop thinking about them
love is when you cant talk cuz you're afraid you're gonna say something stupid
love is when you barely move cuz you're scared you will do something dumb
love is when you stare at the phone for hours hoping that they'll call
love is when the only thing that makes you feel better is there smile
love is when people can say anything to you or about you and you just dont care
love is when you get online and you sit there for hours and wait to finaly talk to them
love is when you find someone that you can tell everything and you're sure they wont make fun of you
love is when you just wake up with makeup running down your face from crying & he says your beatiful
love is when they would do anything to see u smile
love is when there dying and the last thing they want is to hear ur voice one last time
love is when every song reminds u of them
love is when he goes to florida and before he leaves he has to see you one last time
love is when he goes to the ER with you because he knows your scared
love is when he wipes away all your tears
love is when he kicks someone's ass because he called you a hoe
love is when he puts his life on hold to be with you
love is when he hides in your closet when daddy came home early
love is when he texts you sweet dreams when he gets off of work
love is when you are the first one he calls when he gets off the plane
love is when you go out of town for two weeks and he cant promise he wont think of you
love is when his best friend says you two are perfect for each other
love is when he sings the bod commercial with you
love is when you can say anything crazy and you know he'll still love you
love is when you have already been accepted by his family
love is when his family is your family
love is when he calls you ten times in one day because he's thinking about you
love is when he breaks up with his gf and waits 5 months for you
love is when he makes you laugh when your down
love is when he................
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